Visit to St. Catharines

The St. Catharines and Regional Niagara Twinning Association is expecting to host a group from Port of Spain Trinidad when they travel to St. Catharines to attend the local Folk Arts Festival in 2015.

The visitors will be in St. Catharines from May 17 to May 25. An interesting programme of functions and events will be arranged for that time. Any Trinidadian interested in joining this group should contact Mr. Tony Harford in Port of Spain.

For further information please contact Ms. Helen Atteck at:

 Brock University Scholarship Program

New Brock University Scholarship students from Tinidad have arrived. So far eight students have benefited from the 40th Anniversary Scholarship offered by Brock University. Stella – English Literature, Patrice – Health Sciences, Maegan – Early Child and Youth Studies, Francis – Finance, Alyssa – Environmental Geosciences, Brittny – General Studies, Mathematics and Science, and now Rosanna and Annamarie. Congratulations and good luck for the future to all our students.

For more information on our scholarship program please contact Dawn Jacklin 905-934-9781 or Helen Atteck 905-935-3087 or e-mail

St. Catharines Mayors who have visited Port of Spain

Mackenzie A. Chown

Joe Reid

Roy Adams

Joe McCaffery

Tim Rigby

Brian McMullan



Photos of Exchanges

January 2008 Johnston's Apartments at Crown Point - Tobago - January 2008. Stephen & Michelle with baby Brett. Steel Band Anne Roscoe 1987 Cynthia St. Aude, Ivan Chamberlain, Alice Lucas, Marnie Chamberlain, Ainslie & Yvonne Lucas Stephen & Michelle Lucas Marnie Chamberlain & Alice Lucas - Hosanna Hotel 1987 Brock University Campus - St. Catharines Mrs. Alice Lucas Essy Hoyte, Ken Joseph, Marnie Chamberlain, Steph Hoyte Marnie Chamberlain, Bill Brand, Ivan Chamberlain, Muriel Brand Earl Burling, Frank Krupa, Bede Campbell, Alec MacDonald, Don Furry, Lorne Fetterly. Texaco Steel Band at Grape & Wine in St. Catharines George & Iva Blackman Marnie Chamberlain & Alduth Berry Marnie Chamberlain, Betty & Vern Pepin Etson (Essy) Hoyte Marnie Bill Brand Murial BrandIvan at the orphanage Twin City / Starburst Steel Band of St. Catharines at Montabello Park Glen Doig & Bill Watson Jr. on the right. St. Paul Street - St. Catharines