Flag Raising Ceremony

twinning034In honour of the signing of the mundialization agreement between St. Catharines and Port of Spain, Mayor Brian McMullan held a flag raising ceremony on Monday August 30th, 2010.

The incoming Port of Spain Mayor, Mayor Louis Lee Sing agreed to do the same in Port of Spain. Our City sent a St. Catharines flag to fly in Port of Spain. Mayor McMullan also participated in a live radio interview with the new Mayor and the outgoing Port of Spain Mayor, Mayor Murchison Brown, the day before on Trinidad station i95.5 FM.

The complete 2010 flag raising ceremony will be added here for your viewing pleasure soon. In the mean time you can see part of it on You Tube here.

Mrs. Helen Atteck and Lloyd Farnum. Photo courtesy Bob Armstrong. Mrs. Atteck addresses the public. Photo courtesy Bob Armstrong. LLoyd Farnum, Dawn Jacklin, Helen Atteck, Mayor McMullan. Photo courtesy Bob Armstrong.
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