trinidad Lighthouse

Port of Spain Lighthouse – St. Vincent Street

The St. Catharines & Regional Niagara
Twinning Association

The St. Catharines and Regional Niagara Twinning Association is dedicated to celebrating and promoting our cultural diversity. Relations between St. Catharines, Ontario Canada and Port of Spain, Republic of Trinidad & Tobago are the focus of The St. Catharines and Regional Niagara Twinning Association.

This website showcases the people and events that have shaped our destiny. We have broadened our horizons and broken the bonds of race, colour or creed. For the past forty-five years we have made, and continue to welcome, new friends. Join us on our journey of learning and communication.  Here you will discover the purpose of our organization, our mission and vision. We will explain the concept of mundialization and what it has meant to us these past four decades and more.